Regular flights to Las Palmas Airport are committed by more than three dozen of local and international airlines.

Getting on the first floor passengers of Las Palmas Airport departures should go to the check-in desk of their company-carrier. There they will get a boarding card, and their luggage will be tested.

There are 96 check-in desks in the Airport Gran Canaria. At the terminal entrance there are information displays where all the destinations are shown. Boarding card is required for boarding. It indicates zones and the gate number, leading to the board. Each boarding area has its own color and letter. Totally there are 38 boarding gates located in three zones.

Zone A (European Union flights) has 27 gates.

Zone B (non-EU international flights) – 6 gates

Zone C (island or regional flights) – 8 gates

In addition, zones B and C have 3 shared boarding gates.
All arrivals get on the ground floor of the airport terminals, according to the zones listed above. Monitors at the entrance point to which carousel it is necessary to pass in order to get your luggage.

The airlines are responsible for any physical or financial harm to the passengers while flying. In case of loss or damage of baggage, the passenger must immediately inform the representative of the airline. This is necessary to allow the company to take promptly action to prevent and redress passenger. Passengers who are going to meet their friends or relatives on arrival can get information from the monitors in the terminal lobbies.

The flight time between the airport of Gran Canaria and airports in other European countries such as Britain, Norway, and Holland usually no more than four and a half – six and a half hours non-stop flight.

Las Palmas Airport arrivals can range up to thirty minutes so as departures. Usually this is due to the winds that blow from the south.

Las Palmas Airport arrivals:

  • Flight from Madrid FR 2011 taking off at 7:19 on 22nd April 2012 landed at the airport in Gran Canaria at 9:07 ahead of schedule for three minutes.
  • The flight from the airport of Amsterdam, departing at 5:25 landed at the terminal zone A at 9:05.

Las Palmas Airport departures:

  • IF Flight 141 of the local airlines departed from in the terminal zone C at 9:15 am and landed at the airport in Lanzarote at 9:55 am.
  • Flight X3 2205 after taking off from the terminal zone B at 9:20 went to Switzerland to the airport of Basel where has landed at 14:20, ahead of schedule by 15 minutes.